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Revive your upholstery with a professional clean.

We have built an excellent reputation for upholstery cleaning, from our use of the highest quality products, tools & equipment to our high quality workmanship, expertise and professionalism. Sofas, armchairs, comfy couches...we can clean them all professionally!

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Upholstery cleaning with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Sofa Cleaners you can trust!

Why renew your sofas and chairs when you can reinvigorate them with upholstery cleaning? Not only is it better for the environment to hang onto your furniture, but it also can save you a lot of money.  Upholstery cleaning will remove the everyday buildup of soiling, dust, pet odours & body oil that can permanently adhere itself to your sofas and chairs. Better looking, feeling & smelling upholstery, plus a better-looking home are the results of a high-quality professional upholstery cleaning service!

As a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery company, our expertise is here to help if you need to give your upholstery a new lease of life at a fraction of the cost of buying new soft furnishings. Your upholstery will also be more resistant to the staining and soiling everyday life can throw at it when you combine our Deep Clean service along with our Clean & Protect service. Your sofas, armchairs, and soft furnishings will remain cleaner, brighter, smelling & feeling fresher for even longer.

How will we get your upholstery beautifully clean?

You can have your furniture back to looking and feeling sparkling clean, fresh and dry within only a few hours with our professional upholstery cleaning service.

With so many poorly trained cleaners operating out there you may have experienced waiting times of 1 or 2 days for your carpets & upholstery to dry – but that is not the case with our service.

There are many types of fabric used in making upholstery and we individually tailor our service and the products we use to match your needs. We will always use the best combination of procedures and products to get the job done properly and, by removing those niggling spots and stains, our upholstery cleaning service will reinvigorate and brighten your fabrics’ colours.

As with our carpet cleaning service, we start by first assessing what the issue is and find out about specific stains, odours, or pet accidents. We ask how they occurred and whether the client has carried out any DIY cleaning attempts. This all feeds into our assessment of what is required to get your upholstery back to what it should be. 

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