Professional home carpet cleaners in Edinburgh

If you are needing to get your home carpets cleaned then look no further.

We are experienced, fully-qualified carpet cleaners with a reputation to match. We clean carpets and upholstery for both domestic and commercial clients and are a fully-vetted and industry-accredited service provider.

Assuring you of a deep-down thorough carpet clean

Your family’s valuable carpets deserve more than a cheap, ineffective surface clean – our child and pet-safe cleaning solutions are formulated for a deep clean without any harmful side effects.

Before we start to clean any of your carpets we analyse the carpet fibres to ensure that the right products are used to give the best result.

Carpet Cleaning Preparation

Most fibre tests are carried out by plucking a tuft of carpet or cutting a slither of material and 
burning it. Different carpet fibres and fabrics will burn differently.  The way the fibre burns is very different depending on the make-up of the carpet. Changes in the smell, the colour of flame, the type 

of ash or whether it melts like plastic provide us with information that determines how we clean your carpets.  This level of preparation won’t be found with other carpet cleaning operators. This is why clients keep returning to us.

carpet cleaning in Edinburgh

Why Choose Us?

Whichever of our carpet cleaning methods are used to clean your carpets, we ensure that the results are long-lasting. Other carpet cleaners might flood your carpets with gallons of water and generic products in order to create an illusion of a deep clean. But these leave behind a chemical residue that will quickly re-soil necessitating another clean in no time. 

Small DIY cleaners that you can rent lack the necessary power to properly extract dirt from the carpets and they leave behind most of the water, chemicals & dirt in the carpet. The carpets take ages to dry, and become smelly with not only dirty water but also the chemicals still saturated within. 

So have your carpets cleaned properly the first time. This means your carpets will be thoroughly deep cleaned, sanitised, dried & protected in just a few hours, so minimum inconvenience & you’ll be using your rooms again in no time.

professional carpet cleaning in Edinburgh

The best possible results

We are continually investing in the industries latest machinery, products & training to ensure that you’re provided with the best results possible. 

We are continually investing in the industries latest machinery, products & training to ensure that you’re provided with the best results possible. Your carpets won’t just simply look cleaner, they will be cleaner, brighter, fresher, looking, feeling & smelling great. We don’t use those cheap off-the-shelf detergent chemicals that can leave behind a sticky & dirt-attracting chemical residue, that you may have seen performing miracles in TV ads. We are fully stocked with bespoke tailor-made products for every type of specific fibre, fabric, soiling, stain & odour type. We don’t pressure wash the dirt deep down below the surface, only to have all the dirt re-wick back up to the surface again as the carpet dries.

Hygenically healthier carpets

Regularly cleaning not only helps to preserve the original look, feeling & condition of the carpet, it will also help to maintain your carpets & your family home environments overall hygiene.

By trapping all the dust, pollen, dead skin cells, bugs, germs & hundreds of thousands of other particulate contaminants that fall onto it your carpets act like a filter in your home. This can create an unhealthy environment if left to build up over time. To help kill & remove any of the nasty bugs & bacteria that may be lurking inside your carpets our core cleaning products also contain biological, antimicrobial & antiviral sanitisers. 

We also have specific products which can help with alleviating your symptoms if you’re a sufferer of asthma or allergies. Your carpets will not only look cleaner, they will smell and feel great too. As part of the process they will also be thoroughly sanitised, leaving behind a safer, healthier place for your children to crawl on.

small child on clean cream coloured carpet

Our Process

To ensure you get the best possible results, here’s what we do as standard as part of every commercial carpet clean:

Inspection & testing

So we can select the best products & procedures to get you the best possible results we have to ascertain what your carpet is made of.

Thorough Vacuuming

Standard vacuuming just can’t reach & remove bonded to the fibre, insoluble dirt that a thorough professional vacuuming will.

Stain Pre-treatment

To help remove stains for good where necessary to improve your carpets overall appearance.


Before we start the full carpet cleaning procedures we must apply the correct pre-conditioning to the traffic areas & other stains.

Deep down extraction cleaning

Deep down extraction cleaning – our professional dirt extraction machines are the most powerful available in the industry leaving your carpets almost dry immediately.


To speed up the drying time we groom the carpet to set the pile correctly.

Final touches

Such as bringing in turbo-dryers, wiping down the door bars & skirting boards

Inspecting the carpet

With you to ensure that you’re 100% happy with the result.