Carpet Repair Edinburgh

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Unfortunately, even a professional carpet cleaning service can’t remove burns, scorches, bleach
spots etc. They are unsightly and can completely ruin the look of your carpet.

Why use a carpet repair service?

Even a small stain or burn on a carpet or rug can be very annoying. It can catch your eye every time you walk into a room. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. Carpet Cleaners Edinburgh offers a professional carpet repair service. Unsightly carpet burns, bleach spots, stubborn stains, pet damage, fraying etc. can be invisibly mended saving you the cost of a new carpet or rug. We use a variety of techniques depending on the particular problem.

Let us mend your carpet with our professional carpet repair service

Carpet patching

This works best on larger carpet repairs such as burns made by straighteners, iron burns, pet damage. Here the damaged piece of carpet is carefully cut out and replaced with another piece of the same carpet. This could come from a spare offcut or a piece of carpet that has been fitted inside a wardrobe or cupboard.


This works best on small repairs such as cigarette burns, or small tears etc. Individual tufts of
damaged carpet are removed and new ones taken carefully from around the edges are stitched in by hand. This is a labour intensive repair but gives great results.

Carpet Thresholds

Sometimes the transition of carpet from one room to another can lead to frays at the carpet bar. The carpet bar or threshold covers up the raw carpet edges but sometimes these can become loose. We will remove the carpet bar, trim of any damaged edges and refit it so that the repair is completely invisible.

Let us take care of your carpet repairs quickly and without any fuss

Carpets are a great choice for your home. They look good, are comfortable underfoot and add a cosy warmth. However, they need to be looked after properly. Regular carpet cleaning is a great way to keep them looking and smelling fresh and dealing with any carpet repairs promptly is always advised. If you have a carpet repair problem and live in the Edinburgh area, please get in touch and we will quickly help you restore your carpet back to pristine condition.

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